KONKA™: Portable Steam
KONKA™: Portable Steam
KONKA™: Portable Steam
KONKA™: Portable Steam
KONKA™: Portable Steam
KONKA™: Portable Steam
KONKA™: Portable Steam
KONKA™: Portable Steam

KONKA™: Portable Steam

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Number 1 in United State:  

The brand of KONKA™ has been chosen by many professionals as the number 1 of French companies and is recommended by the State. More than 70'000 customers are satisfied with their KONKA™ Portable Steam.


➽ One pass eliminates ALL folds!

 Sterilizes and kills 99% of bacteria and dust mites!

➽ Very easy to use, super light and portable!

Thanks to its performance, you can use it both horizontally and vertically to iron hanging garments, ideal for home and travel. You no longer need an ironing board, which saves you precious time!


Forget your ironing board and iron, make way for revolution! With our steam ironing machine, 15 seconds are enough for a fast and quality ironing.


You can also use our KONKA™ Portable Steamer to sterilize, dust, dampen and iron your clothes. Its powerful steam eliminates cigarette, cooking and perspiration odors as well as 99.9% of bacteria from your clothes. No type of fabric can resist it: suits, jackets, t-shirts, coats, sofas, bed sheets, curtains, carpets, cotton, nylon, silk, there are no limits!


 An enormous time saving

 Relaxes all kinds of materials

 Ultra light and compact

 Ultra fast, heats up in 15 seconds

 100% comfort, no need for an ironing board, smooth everywhere with one iron!


Product features: ironing, humidification, sterilization
Color : Pink
Power : 1500W/50-60Hz
Voltage : 110V-240V (US-Stecker / EU-Stecker)
Weight : 0,800 kg
Cable length : 1,8 m


  • 1 x Portable Steam - KONKA™
  • 1 x Envelope
  • 1 x Tip and brush
  • 1 x Spout
  • 1x Explanatory manual

1. Connecting the power supply, it can produce continuous, high temperature and high pressure steam in two minutes. It is very suitable for household cleaning and ironing clothes.

2.Ironing:high-temperature strong steam can easily ironing clothes, curtains, sheets, pillowcases, etc., in particular, the need for vertical ironing clothes (such as suits, etc.), more suitable for ironing with this product, the product is equipped with an ironing brush, in addition to ironing, but also sterilization of clothes and removal of odors.

3.Sterilization:high temperature and strong steam can kill a variety of harmful bacteria quickly and ensure the cleanliness of household.

4.Cleaning:High temperature and strong steam can easily dissolve and strip the oil stains, dirt and mold spots on the surface and cracks of household products. The product is also equipped with brush, window brush head, in the ejection of high-temperature steam at the same time, can scrub the surface of objects, clean simple and quick, the effect is remarkable.

5.Water tank separation:easy dismantling and water adding, is a reduced version of vertical hanging steamer machine, which is very popular in the market.

Usage method:
1. Connect the power supply, the power indicator lights start to flicker, the heating body begins to heat, until the indicator lights out, you can use.
2. In the course of operation, the steam button is pressed and loosened rhythmically every 2 seconds, and a large amount of continuous high temperature and high pressure steam can be produced from the front nozzle.
3. The switch also has automatic gear, which can automatically spray continuously.


Product material: ABS, PC, electric heating module.
Power length:1.8 meters, full copper power cord.
Voltage: 110V-240V(USplug / EU Plug)
Product power:1500W/50-60Hz
Water tank capacity: 250ml
Heating mode: electric heating type.
Scope of use: ironing of clothes, shirts, underwear, bags, neckties, etc.
Product functions: ironing, humidifying, disinfecting and sterilizing

Product weight: 800g


  • The faster the press, the temporary increase in steam volume, but the relatively lower brush temperature, may make the brush steam insufficient.
  • Especially in ironing clothes, it is more appropriate to use slow pressure out steam, to ensure the production of high temperature steam, so that it is easier to iron clothes.
  • It is a normal phenomenon that the body will get fever during the work. This product is equipped with over temperature protector. It is safe and reliable.

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