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[4 HACKS] For making heels much more comfortable

Wearing heels all day long is no small feat. Though heels often aren't the most comfortable footwear option you have available to you, there are plenty of times when no other style will do.

Knowing some of the potential effects you're risking when you wear high heels, especially over longer periods of time, and how to potentially ward off some of those effects can help you take of yourself and your feet.

Wondering how to still be fashioned with heels, though still relaxed ? You’ve come to the right place 😉

 👉🏻🥰 Watch this interesting video and scroll through below for a look at these four things you can do to make wearing high heels more comfortable:

1. Tape your third and fourth toes together

This will help alleviate the pressure high heels put on the ball of your feet. When you're wearing high heels for a long period of time, your toes and the balls of your feet can take quite a beating.

"Do what ballerinas do. Taping your third and fourth toes together takes the pressure off the balls of your feet," Kari Cruz, a fashion expert, told OVAON. Cruz regularly wears heels and has incorporated tips into her routine that came from her older sister, a professional theater dancer.

It might take you a while to get used to the tape, but if it helps you wear heels longer and more comfortably, it's well worth it.

2. Invest in high-quality shoes

The quality of your heels plays a significant role in how comfortable they are. "Good materials make for happier feet,". Or try a pair of open toes heels is also a great ideal, this gives your feet some wiggle room.Pay attention to the thickness of the heel too, "The thicker the heel, the more comfortable it will usually be," Cruz said. "More thickness gives you more stability and better balance, which helps with overall comfort.". Besides, "A platform heel will usually come with a thick heel, and it's extra beneficial if the style has padding in the insole & at the ball of your foot," Cruz also said. "The cushioning goes a long way in surviving those long hours on your feet."

3. Buy a heel stretcher

Choosing for yourself a heels stretcher to break in tight heels. This will certainly free up to half an inch of space in your shoes. With the help of a nifty shoe stretcher, you can stretch those ill-fitting shoes to fit better and restore comfort to your aching feet. Using a 2-way shoe stretcher is a fine way to stretch your shoes both lengthwise and widthwise. It’s also useful in targeting trouble areas like bunions, corns, calluses, and hammertoes. It’s a versatile stretching tool that saves you from having to decommission your shoes that are a hair from fitting correctly.

But please remember that they are not miracle workers. If your shoes are two sizes too large, you're best getting a new pair of shoes.

4. Use products such as bandages or Fabric Forefoot Pads that prevent blisters from forming.

Blisters are one of the worst things about wearing uncomfortable heels. "When you start getting a blister, it's actually because of the friction," Canfield McNish said. "So if you put [a product] on there, that can kind of save you a little time before a blister develops." You might want to try using a product that prevents blisters from forming, just simply toss into your bag, ready for whenever you feels a blister coming on.>> Add some comfort with gel insert, arch supports, or cushions such as our brilliant product: FondFoot™: Honeycomb Fabric Forefoot Pads

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